rsa, rsb, rsc旋转式开关

rsa, rsb, rsc series rotary switches

产品描述product description

rsa, rsb, rsc系列是一款通用型的旋转开关,广泛应用于各类需要档位选择的家用电器,如:电炖锅、食物搅拌机、榨汁机、豆浆机、吸尘器、电风扇、空调扇、台灯等。开关有多种转轴和外壳可以选择,也可以根据客户要求进行定制,也可以应用于一些特殊的电动工具和园林工具,如:热风枪、吹风机等。
rsa, rsb, rsc series are general type rotary switches, for popular used in home appliances such as: slower cookers, food mixers, full automatic soya-bean milk machines, juicers, vacuum cleaner, electric fan, air condition fan, table lamps, etc. also for used in some special power-tools and gardening tools, such as: heat guns, electric blowers, etc.


◆可选带以下功能 optional with function as follows:
→单极两档位 single pole 2 position
→单极三档位 single pole 3 position
→单极四档位 single pole 4 position
→单极五档位 single pole 5 position

技术数据technical data

→机械耐久寿命 mechanical life endurance≥5e4
→电气耐久寿命 electrical life endurance≥1e4
→最大冲击电流 max. inrush current at 250v18a
→最大冲击电流 max. inrush current at 125v18a
→接触电阻 contact resistance≤30m ohm
→绝缘电阻 insulation resistance≥7m ohm
→基本介电强度 dielectric strength of function1500v
→加强介电强度 dielectric strength of reinforced3000v
→环境温度 ambient temperature0°c~125°c
→阻燃等级 flammabilityul 94v-0
→防护等级 protection typeip40
→适用于ii类防护器具 suitable for appliances of protection class ii


◆输入端/输出端 input side/output side:
4×push-in terminals for soldered strands, strands with end sleeves or strands with end claws.

电气参数和认证 electric rating and certification